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World Day of Water

Spring Open Days – The World Day of Water, Autumn Open Days

Our events and programmes are held mainly in the Szent István Square Water Tower. The Water Tower, which is still an operating industry historical monument, regularly opens its doors to the public.   
The Water Tower houses permanent exhibitions on soda water production and its physical history as well as temporary exhibitions on various topics. If the weather is good, we can enjoy the panoramic view of Szeged from the lookout level. The newly renovated Water Tower with its surroundings is one of the most popular tourist sites, something the inhabitants of Szeged are fondly proud of.

World Day of Water - 22nd March

"In the beginning was the water, the water was all and all returns into water” (Thales, 7th cent. BC)

World Days are special days when – even if for a short while – attention is drawn to things important for humanity. In response to a proposal made at the 1992 Dublin Environment Conference, the UN declared 22nd of March the World Day of Water at its 47th Stockholm Congress of 1993. On this day, people worldwide celebrate water, remember the importance of water reserves and water quality protection. This requires long-term thinking and wide-ranging international cooperation.
There are many ways and tools to draw people’s attention to water on this special day.

Over two-thirds of the Earth is covered with water, but the majority of this water is salty sea water, only 2.5% is freshwater. What is more, this small amount of fresh water can be found in a frozen form on the poles.
Whilst on the Earth there is less and less clear fresh water, the demand for it is growing as the population of the world is increasing rapidly, probably reaching 10 billion by the end of the 21st century. This also means an increase in water consumption, however, a significant part of the world’s population still lives without safe water or appropriate wastewater drainage.
According to experts, three-quarters of the fresh water used is consumed by agriculture and animal husbandry, and one-seventh by the industry. For human consumption only one-tenth of the fresh water remains, and we treat even this small amount rather wastefully. Water becomes more valuable than any other treasure of the world, when it is in shortage.
Water is just as important as air, even if we can survive a little longer without it. Water is one of the fundamental elements of life. All living functions require water, there is no exception. Without water plants dry out, seeds do not grow, animals and humans die. In fact, around 70% of the human body is water.
Today it is taken for granted that water runs when we turn our tap, but if we want our successors to have it the same way, we all need to think and act on a long-term basis.
The good quality drinking water of Szeged comes from deep wells situated at depths of 180-560 m, from a protected waterbase layer. The age of the produced water is 10 000 years.
We do our best to preserve the water reserves that are at our disposal. During wastewater treatment also, we apply the most environmentally friendly solutions, and the wastewater treatment facility in Szeged is one of the most modern of its kind. 
We pay special attention to celebrate the World Day of Water in Szeged appropriately.
Below please find information on this year’s World Day of Water programmes organised or supported by our Company.