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Szegedi Vízmű Zrt., Environment Department

Within the sphere of activities of Szegedi Vízmű Zrt., our main task is to perform drinking water and wastewater analyses for the water and sewer network of Szeged, in all phases of the process starting from drinking water production to treated wastewater disposal.
In order to meet quality assurance requirements and in the interest of the environment, our laboratory works independently of each operational and service unit of the company. Our fundamental goal is to perform the analyses in an accurate and impartial manner. Szegedi Vízmű Zrt. provides the personal, technical, organizational and material conditions for the immaculate performance of tasks in compliance with the MSZ EN 45001 standard and as of 2001, in compliance with the MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard. Since 1996 we have continuously satisfied the requirements of NAT (National Accreditation Body) for testing laboratories. The registry number of our accreditation certificate is: NAH-1-1051/2017.

Our laboratory staff have the appropriate level of qualifications and experience. Our tasks are to organise and perform regular drinking water and wastewater sampling, to analyse the samples according to the professional and standard requirements, to keep accurate records of the results and to handle them confidentially.
The staff of the laboratory analyse the drinking water quality every second week on samples taken at a specified number of consumption points of the drinking water network. Throughout one year this means more than a thousand samples, i.e. over ten thousand tests on an annual basis. Different layers of the waterbase under Szeged ensure good quality water, which meets the requirements of both the Hungarian and the EU standards regarding drinking water quality.
Our activities:

  • Continuous sampling at specified consumption points of our network, from the produced and supplied drinking water, quality control from production to consumption (drinking water supply wells, waterworks stations, water towers, and representative consumption sampling points).
  • Quality control of subsurface water within the national network system.
  • Wastewater analyses in the sewer network, the inspection of wastewater disposed into the public sewer network, the inspection of wastewater disposed into live water (the River Tisza), in a self-control system.
  • Control inspection of wastewater treatment efficiency at treatment plants.
  • Investigation of inhabitants' reports and announcements.

Our laboratory’s activities on external orders

Our services and accredited technical activities:
Sampling of drinking water (subsurface water), wastewater and sludge, physical and chemical analysis, analysis of gas content in water.
Analytical methods adopted by our laboratory:

  • Classic analytics,
  • Instrumental analytics,
    • gas chromatography,
    • flame photometry,
    • spectrophotometry,
    • potentiometry.
    • conductometry
    • polarography
    • atomic-absorption spectroscopy.

The measurement domain of our analytical and metering instruments as well as the applied standards allow us to perform analyses of both drinking water and wastewater.

Contact details of our laboratory:

Name of laboratory: Szegedi Vízmű Zrt. Környezetvédelmi Osztály
Address: Szeged, Kátay u. 21. (postal address: H-6701 Szeged, Pf: 104.)
Telephone: 06 (62) 554-730
Fax: 06 (62) 554-745
Contact person: Havranekné Németi Ibolya (Mrs.), Head of Environment department