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Vízmű Zrt.
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+36 62 55 88 55
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6720 Szeged,
Tisza Lajos krt. 88.

Geographical position

Szeged is the largest town in the south of the Great Plain, it lies where the river Maros flows into the river Tisza. This is one of the deepest point of Hungary with its 84-meter height above sea level. It is mostly shining over the town, this is why it is called "the town of sunshine". Even almonds can grow in the nearly mediterranean climate.

Visitors first dominant experience is the river Tisza. Being one of the major rivers in Europe, the Tisza is also called the "main street" of Szeged. No matter which point of the town we start from towards the town centre, sooner or later we meet the river. Bringing both blessing and curse during history it divides the town into two parts: Szeged and Újszeged (New-Szeged). Both parts are different worlds with different history and plenty of beautiful things to visit.