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Quality, Environment and Water Safety Policy

Water is one of our most fundamental elements, a vital ingredient for life. It gives and sustains life, however, it can be capable of destroying it, too. Without water, plants dry out, seeds do not grow, and life is not possible. All living functions depend on water, there is no exception.
The water supply and waste water drainage for inhabited areas have always been among the most important and most responsible tasks.
Szeged Vízmű Zrt. considers its mission to provide all its customers with this vital element of our life, i.e. clear, healthy drinking water that is guaranteed by water safety requirements at any moment of the day.
Our Company protects and takes care of the water entrusted upon us.  We do not only take it away from the environment but also return it, by continuously searching for environmentally friendly solutions.
We have dedicated ourselves to constantly improving an environmentally-conscious business attitude, and also to developing our technologies and services. In all fields of our activities, it is our expressed aim to become a European standard water service provider that may be considered as an example-setting organisation.
In order to provide our customers, owners and business associates with constantly improving and safe services, we are open to listen to their needs and expectations. Within our company group we always respect our company values.

In order to realise our objectives, we shall:

  • satisfy official and legal requirements as well as prescribed standards. We shall strive to conduct our activities according to European norms.
  • in the field of drinking water production and service provision, we strive to satisfy the strictest hygiene expectations, and we shall also meet food industrial standards together with water safety requirements.
  • endeavour to minimise the quantity of harmful emissions and waste material, we shall try to decrease the environmental impact of these materials, and use natural materials and resources as economically as possible.
  • We pay special attention to ensuring the continuous treatment of the generated wastewater and the energy utilization of biogas obtained from sewage sludge.
  • regularly check quality and maintain the accredited status of our testing laboratories.

The professional skills of our employees and the dedication of all management levels guarantee the quality of our activities and the preservation of our environment.

Our audited activities are: drinking water production, drinking water distribution, wastewater drainage and treatment, technical design planning, execution and technical control of public water utilities and other deep constructions in accordance with ISO 9001, IISO 14001 and ISO 50001 standards.

We had our drinking water production and drinking water service activities audited in 2010, and since then we have been operating an ISO 22000 food safety management system.