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The Beginnings; Our Objectives

Szegedi Vízmű Kft. was established in 1994 as a limited liability company, then in 2001, it was transformed into a share-holding company under the name of Szegedi Vízmű Rt. (Szegedi Vízmű of 13th April, 2006). The Municipality owns 51% of the Company’s shares, while Veolia Víz Zrt., the Hungarian subsidiary of the French professional investor, Veolia Eau is a 49% owner.

The contract between the parties sets long-term ownership rights and obligations, and it also specifies the share of water utility management tasks and activities. The Municipality owns all the water utility assets (pipelines, reservoirs, pump-stations, technical machines and equipment), while the operator waterworks company pays a network rental fee for the usage.


The responsibilities of the Municipality:

  • on the basis of the long-term plans of the town, deciding about the priorities and the schedule of water utility developments (new constructions);
  • through a standing committee, defining the development, investment and renewal projects financed from a Construction Fund.

The advantages of the cooperation for the Municipality:

  • all public water utility assets remain in the ownership of the Municipality;
  • the Municipality can use the external resources (e.g. state and EU subsidies) in the most favourable way possible since it has its “own resources” thanks to the Construction Fund;
  • the Municipality is a majority owner in the Company;
  • by ranking and prioritising developments, investments and renewals, the assets of the public utilities will be in a much better and more modern condition than before the cooperation;
  • levels of responsibility and decision are appropriately separated;
  • the Municipality makes strategic decisions,

The responsibilities of Szegedi Vízmű:

  • providing healthy drinking water to the inhabitants, institutes and industries of Szeged and Algyő;
  • collecting, draining and treating wastewater and rainwater, and rechanneling it into the natural environment;
  • protecting, maintaining and systematically renewing the already existing and newly constructed public utilities, facilities and equipment;
  • paying network rental fee to the Municipality, which is a source of the Construction Fund;
  • giving professional proposals for network renewal and development;

The Veolia Group

Veolia Group is a world leader in optimized resource management. This Group of Companies, employing more than 178 780 people worldwide, provides water-, waste- and energy management- solutions that contribute to the sustainable development of communities and industries.

Through its three complementary businesses, Veolia helps gaining access to resources, as well as maintaining and renewing existing resources.

In 2019, Veolia Group supplied 98 million people with drinking water, provided wastewater services for 67 million people, produced 41 million megawatt hours of energy and utilized 50 million tons of waste in material or as energy.


Veolia Hungary

Veolia is one of the leading players in the Hungarian energy, water and waste management market. This group of companies with its nearly 3,000 employees provides services to several municipalities, institutions and industrial companies to reach efficient resource management while the water utility and district heating branches of the company supply drinking water for hundreds of thousands of families, and heating services to tens of thousands of households.

Water Utility services- Veolia Water Ltd.

Veolia Water Ltd. is the water utility branch of the Veolia Group which is the company responsible for the coordination- and development activities in Hungary. Through its subsidiaries, it provided 15,7 million m3 of healthy drinking water to its residential customers in 2019 and solved the drainage and treatment of 197,4 million m3  waste- and rainwater. 
A team of more than 1 500 professionals strives to provide local governments with a high-quality, daily service that meets all expectations.

Water utility (2019)

- HUF 48,9 billion turnover
- 1568 employees
- 2,1 billion provided residents
- 874 155 customers
- 15,7 million m3 of sold drinking water
- 197,4 million m3 sewage and rainwater drainage 

The cornerstone of working together is professional awareness and long-term commitment. Szegedi Vízmű Zrt. is an example of how Hungarian professionals and investors have more than 160 years of operation-experience in making a service provider one of the most efficient waterworks in the country.